Amethyst Crystal Lamps

Amethyst Crystal Lamps


5″ – 7.5″ Amethyst Crystal Lamp
Includes Light and 6′ Cord

*** All lamps are natural stones. Therefore, weights and dimensions will vary. If weight, height, width, or depth is most important, please note it in the special instructions.

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Comfort and Tranquility

Our Amethyst Lamps create a soft, tranquil purple or violet hue within your space. The Amethyst points can vary dark purple to a light lavender color. The back and sides of the lamp can range from crystal clear to non-translucent. Often, brown specks of iron oxide are present on the surface of the Amethyst crystals adding even more personality and diversity!

Each Amethyst lamp has grown into unique clusters and have a wide range of character, color and vary in size and weight. Weighing approximately 8 pounds and roughly 7.5 inches in height, our Amethyst Lamps are beautiful ambient lighting to add to any room.

The Perfect Gift

Amethyst is the birthstone of February. Our Amethyst Lamp is a favorite choice to surprise friends and family to convey your affection. Show the true meaning of love during holidays, birthdays, Valentine’s Day and the PERFECT wedding gift. Pass the Amethyst Lamp as a beacon of hope to one who is fighting a tough battle with addition or searching for a new path in life. Unique and one of a kind – the Amethyst Lamp is a cherished treasure by many recipients.

Creation of the Purple Quartz

Manganese in quartz creates amethyst and the quantity of iron and aluminum dictate the color hue. The six sided prisms can be as small as 1/8 inch to 2 inches and has a hardness rating of 7 (Mohs Scale). Amethyst is mined throughout the world with some of the largest deposits located in Brazil.

Power and Passion

The color purple has been associated with royalty for thousands of years. Amethyst was heavily sought after by Egyptians and early Greeks. Amethyst is referred to as the Bishops Stone and is still worn on the second finger of the right hand. Love is kin to Amethyst, and therefore it is The Stone of St. Valentine and considered “Cupid’s Stone.” Travelers carry Amethyst to ward off thieves, stay focused, and alleviate anxieties.

The Greek word for amethyst is “Amethystos.” This translates as “Not-Intoxicated,” and has been used to fight overindulgence in drugs and alcohol. Amethyst can help sleeplessness, remembering dreams, and adding vividness to dreams. The overall cleansing and calming effects relieve stress and generates connection between mind, body, and soul.

Additional information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 6.5 × 7.5 in


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