Selenite Crystal Lamps

Selenite Crystal Lamps


9″ – 14″ Selenite Crystal Lamp
Includes Light and 6' Cord

*** All lamps are natural stones. Therefore, weights and dimensions will vary. If weight, height, width, or depth is most important, please note it in the special instructions.

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Contemporary yet Soothing

The pearly white Selenite mineral emits the most light of any of our Crystal Lamps.  Use a bright bulb and create a major focal point in your room. Any colored bulb easily shines through to match your current ambience.  The soft, fibrous gypsum mineral can be scratched to shed “sticks of stone,” so be careful when handling the lamp. A slide of your hand vertically can imbed small slivers. Cleaning your selenite lamp with water is not recommended.  Instead, use compressed air to dust the lamp when necessary.

Strong Symmetry

Clear vertical cleavage lines prominently display a modern look with our Selenite Lamps. Shades of gray and stainless steel in chic indoor environments can often use a natural touch. Akin to the architectural marvel of a city night skyline, our 16 inch tall (Large) “Skyscraper” Selenite Lamps are perfect! If you’re short on space, the 9 inch (Medium) Selenite Lamp can tuck into a narrow nook. Both Large and Medium Selenite Lamps have a small footprint at roughly four to five inches in diameter.

A Clear Mind

Selenite is chosen frequently to accent offices, classrooms, and libraries. Known for its cleansing effects, a clear mind is often produced with help of our Selenite Lamps. Selenite or Selene in Greek, means moon and is said to relieve damages done in past lives. Bring yourself to a peaceful state, with a clear mind to motivate hard work and progress.

Amazing Discovery, Dangerous Environment

Amazing Discovery, Dangerous Environment The Cave of Crystals holds some of the largest Selenite Crystals on Earth – up to 55 Tons! But, how were they discovered? In 2000, two silver miner brothers (Eloy and Javier Delgado) were excavating new territory in the Naica Mine in Mexico.

A newly carved tunnel opened into the undiscovered Cave of Crystals. While standing in awe, the Delgado brothers quickly realized safety should be their first concern. Located directly over a magma chamber, temperatures were over 130 degrees and humidity was around 90%.

These two factors meant every hot, humid breath was condensing moisture within their lungs. Within ten minutes, they fled the massive cavern alive gasping for air. The Delgado Brothers will be forever remembered as the founders of the Cave of Crystals.

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 in

Medium, Large


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